About Parkour

This article here can help answer many of your questions about parkour as well as provide training tips and videos to get your parkour journey started.

Q: What is parkour?
A: Parkour is an art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles.

Q: What should I expect at parkour class?
A: Expect a challenging, fun workout based around the natural movement of the human body. Our classes begin with a thorough warm up. Next, we move on to the introduction and practice of new skills and movements. Finally, we end with a workout, stretch, and discussion of important topics relating to parkour.

Q: What do I need to do for my first class?
A: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the facility, get changed, and warm up.

Q: What do I wear?
A: We recommend athletic clothes and running shoes.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Bring a water bottle and, if you like, a post-workout snack.

Q: I am so sore the day after class, what should I do?
A: Even though we all did parkour as kids, you probably haven’t moved like this for years. Expect to be sore at first; it is a completely normal feeling for someone who is new to parkour! To help the soreness, we suggest you do some light exercise that day. Yes, it might hurt, but it will help quicken the recovery process! Other than that, don’t give up! Your body will adapt to the classes as time goes on.

Q: When do I get to jump rooftops and flip off walls?
A: When you can do 50 muscle ups and squat 500 lbs.! But in all honesty, parkour is not about big jumps and flashy flips. We do not promote going on rooftops or taking big drops. However, as you master the fundamentals and develop a strong foundation of fitness, we will progress to harder, bigger, and more exciting skills.

Q: I think “Intro to parkour” classes will be too easy for me. Can I go straight to level 2 or 3?
A: We strongly recommend that everyone starts out in the Intro classes. Even if you are athletic or already have some skills, you probably lack certain skills or fitness that will be expected of you in the level 2 and 3 classes.

General FAQ

Q: Do you have showers and bathrooms?
A: We have bathrooms/changing rooms but not showers.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes. We take payments in cash, check, and credit cards.

Q: Is there nearby parking?
A: Yes, there is free parking in the front and back of the gym.

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