This course continues on the fundamentals of parkour building students up to an intermediate level, promoting a high level of physical fitness, and emphasizes the relationship between the two. Students will continue skills including quadrupedal movement, landings, rolls, falling safely, basic gymnastics, jumps, cat leaps, vaults, underbars, tic tacs, wall runs, and basic freerunning tricks. Additionally, students will apply these skills to complete longer movement combinations and obstacle courses.

You must complete the Intro to Parkour course before participating in other movement classes. We highly recommend Intro to Parkour be taken in its entirety due to its progressive nature. Upon completion, participants will move into Level 1.

Youth Classes

The level 1 youth parkour class will challenge students both physically and mentally. Students will stay highly active during class, engaging in creative drills and games in a fun, safe environment, all while learning important aspects of the parkour philosophy such as overcoming fear, solving problems, and setting goals.

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