Dante Grazoli

Head Coach/General Manager
ParkourEDU LVL 1 Cert
Parkour experience : 9 years
Email: dantegrazioli@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DanteGrazioli

Dante has been doing parkour consistently since spring, 2006. With over a third of his life dedicated to the sports of parkour and freerunning, he has become a prominent member of the Colorado and United States parkour community. Dante has landed some of the most difficult acrobatic skills in freerunning, such as landing his triple A-twist, triple B-twist, and triple cork. Besides such accomplishments, Dante is known for having huge jumping and vaulting ability, is a member of the APEX Pro team, is a 2015 Red Bull Art of Motion competitor, and even “Got 9th in a Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament once.” as well.
Having traveled to various states and countries for parkour, Dante has seen some things, and he tries to pass some of these things on to his students.
Video: Dante Grazioli 2015 Compilation

Ross Allen

Youth and Adult Coach
Parkour experience: 5 years
Email : rossallen98@gmail.com

Ross Allen is 17 years of age and has been training parkour and freerunning for over 5 years. Ross has been associated with Apex movement for about 4 years and trains with the Apex movement Pro team often. From the young age of 12 Ross has competed and placed in several parkour and freerunning competitions. Taking 7th place in a style competition at 13 years old, 2nd place at style comp at 16 years old, and 3rd place in a speed competition at 17 years old. Ross is also known for the extensive amount of Parkour and freerunning media and content he has created and taken part in. Ross has learned much over the years, and is eager to share his knowledge with the next generation.
Video: Ross Allen 2014 Sampler

Mike Lobato

Youth & Time Trials Coach
Parkour experience: 5 years
Email: Lobatma0410@gmail.com

Mike started doing parkour back in 2010, and has thoroughly improved over the 5 years since. Mike is adept in parkour and freerunning skills, varying from strength oriented skills to advanced flips and twists. Mike also is involved with photography and film studies, and likes to create a lot of parkour oriented content. Mike hopes to capture the beauty of parkour and freerunning through his own vision, applying his film and photography skills. Some other accomplishments include filming music videos, and getting a like on one of his Instagram photos by Childish Gambino.
Video: Mike Lobato 2014

Paul Kordic

Time Trials Coach
Parkour experience: 6 years

Paul has been training parkour and freerunning for over 6 years and has worked as a coach at the Apex Movement Colorado Springs parkour gym since it opened! Paul is known for his knowledge of power tricks and twisting along with incredible mobility. Other hobbies of his include listening to Shia Lebeouf mix tapes, watching Nicholas Cage Movies, Soccer, and thinking about Nickleback. He loves being part of the parkour community, whether it be competing, training, or just watching! Paul has experience teaching kids, teens, and adults and is eager to share his knowledge of parkour freerunning and tricking.
Video: Paul Kordic 2011 Showreel

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